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About Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes are

Dry Eyes are a pain to deal with. Dry, uncomfortable, irritable, and scratchy – dry eyes tend to make daily life difficult at best and rather painful at worse. The good news is that dry eyes are easily treatable after a proper diagnosis. To make sure your specific cause is understood, an examination will be required to determine which of the many causes is affecting you. At our facility here in South Jordan, Utah we offer comprehensive care and treatment for those living with Dry Eye.

Dry eye is very common and has many factors that can interplay.  We provide tear gland assessment along with general eye health evaluation.  We offer Blephex, and IPL pulse light therapy, which can treat blepharitis, tear gland blockages, and rosacea, respectively.

About Dr. Kinney

Dr. Kinney has been serving patients in Utah for most of his career. He is a proud father and husband and his favorite part of taking care of eyes is the joy it brings to people’s lives as you bring them into a clear and beautiful world.    Bottom line, ” I enjoy making people happy with their vision.”

About Dr. Coelho

Dr. Coelho

Dr. Coelho is a wonderful Doctor of Optometry that we are fortunate to have working for our patients here in Utah. He is incredibly skilled and brings a wealth of compassion and knowledge to our facility.

Dr. Coelho is a family man and dedicated to continuing his educational journey for the betterment of our patients.Phone: 385-222-2020