; Dr. Leo Coelho

Dr. Leonardo “Leo” Coelho

Dr. Coelho


Dr. Coelho is a fantastic Doctor of Optometry that we are incredibly fortunate to have working for our patients here in Utah. He is immensely skilled and brings a wealth of compassion and knowledge to our facility.

Dr. Coelho started his eye care education at the University of Florida – Gainsville and then moved on to attend Nova Southeastern University College graduating in 2017 with his O.D. He began his career as a highly respected and rewarded technician before focusing his energies on his Doctorate.

Both of my parents are MDs so I’ve always been around edifice but never took a real interest until I started working in eye care. I spent many years in many phases and at each step in my journey, helping people was at the core of my choice to work in the industry. The ability to impact someone’s life in a positive fashion drives me daily. To help keep up with modern advances I am often reading new articles or research online.

Dr. Coelho is a family man and dedicated to continuing his educational journey for the betterment of our patients.

I’m most proud of my children, and my education. 

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