Dry Eye Treatments In Utah

Dry Eyes are a pain to deal with. Dry, uncomfortable, irritable and scratchy – dry eyes tend to make daily life difficult at best and rather painful at worse. The good news is that dry eyes are easily treatable after a proper diagnosis. To make sure your specific cause is understood, an examination will be required to determine which if the many causes is effecting you. At our facility here in South Jordan, Utah, as well as our sister facility in Eugene, Oregon we offer comprehensive care and treatment for those living with Dry Eye. 


Dry Eye Symptoms


Dry eye is a common condition that develops when the eye’s tear ducts do not produce enough natural tears or low or poor quality tears.

Tears can be inadequate and unstable for many reasons. This condition often leads to rather uncomfortable feelings of scratching, dryness, and possibly a burning sensation.
Dry eyes can often cause difficulty for people in rather dry environments or extensive use of electronic devices, like smartphones or computers.

Causes Of Dry Eye


Your tear film has three layers to it: mucus, aqueous fluid, and fatty oils. These three layers interact and normally keep the eye’s surface lubricated. When they do not interact appropriately this causes dry eys. There are many causes of dry eyes. From contact lens wear, the natural aging process, certain eye conditions, and possible complications of a prior surgical procedure.

While dry eye is an uncomfortable ongoing condition, our amazing doctors and staff at Clear Vision Institute can help determine which treatment is the best for you.


Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eyes can be treated in numerous ways and at ClearVision Institute we will work with you to help figure out which treatment option is the best for you. Some of the many treatments available are eye drops, nutritional supplements, and/or LipiFlow® treatments. LipiFlow® is a gentle massaging procedure that has demonstrated quick improvement in dry eyes.


Eye-Light® for Dry Eye And Rosacea


Eye-Light treatment improves symptoms quickly. Thanks to the synergy of pulsed light and low light modulation, the tear-producing Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary to the eye’s functionality, and the eyelid and facial skin that is affected by rosacea can be improved with a few treatments. It is not painful; it takes just a few minutes and allows an immediate return to normal activities.. If you are experiencing recent or even prolonged symptoms of dry eye or rosacea, we encourage you to make an appointment with us to help determine the extent of your condition and which treatment is best for you.


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